These symptoms may occur later in patients of Kovid-19

These symptoms may occur later in patients of Kovid-19


Omicron Variant Alert: The corona virus is so dangerous that it has put the whole world in panic. It posed a danger to every human being. At the same time, after a few months of relief, once again Kovid-19 is spreading in the country. Along with this, the new strain of Kovid-19 at this time omicron The variant is also spreading its feet in the country. Due to which once again an atmosphere of panic has been created in the country.

At the same time, the corona virus is becoming more and more challenging every day. At the same time, a patient of Kovid-19 may take at least 2 weeks to recover, but the effect of Korana can last for 3 months. In such a situation, patients of Kovid-19 get to see many symptoms related to it for at least three months. This means that you can be upset for many months. In such a situation, we will tell you here which symptoms may be present in the patients of Kovid-19.

How long can the symptoms of Long Covid last?– The symptoms of long covid can also drag on for a very long time and such women are not able to work even after 6 months. These symptoms were seen in 96 percent of the people. At the same time, some people could not recover even for 7 months.

These are the important symptoms of Long Kovid-19 (Covid-19)- By the way, the symptoms of Long Kovid are different.,It can be different in different people, but in most patients some such symptoms have been seen-

Tiredness– 80% of Long Kovid patients have got to see these symptoms. This is the most important symptom.

brain fog- Brain fog means that in such a situation when our brain is in confusion, in such a long covid patients have to face the problem of brain fog.

Post Exertional Malaise- This is a condition when even a small problem causes physical and mental condition to deteriorate. Apart from these, there may be many problems like sleeplessness, increased heartbeat, breathlessness, dizziness, etc.

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